James Schindler, MD

Phone: 865-674-6400 _____________________________________ 1721 Main St. White Pine TN 37890

High-tech Care with Old-Fashioned Values

Phone and Fax are up and running
865-674-6400 (phone) 865-674-6401 (fax)

Painting and renovation is underway. Choice of furniture to follow. Credentialing moving forward and electronics being decided upon. I am continuing to get messages by my cell (423) 608-0580 or from the numbers above. We have informed as many pharmacies and home health agencies of our status. This website and our Facebook Page AskDrJim will try to repost information as it becomes available. Target for actually seeing patients in the clinic is the first week in November. I will be doing some sports physicals and other things the remainder of the week but please post or call. Please tell all your friends that our commitment to this community is the driving force behind this change. For those of you who received letters of the clinic ceasing operations know that I did not send them. You do not have to sign or transfer your records at this time if you do not want to change doctors. Thanks for your wonderful support during this chaotic time.

Location and Directions

We are located at 1721 Main Street in White Pine, TN.


We are located on the adjacent to the Flower Shop and near the US Bank building.
There is parking on the street or in the bank lot or across the street

Address and Numbers

James Schindler, MD MPH
1721 Main Street
PO Box 549
White Pine, TN 37890

Phone CURRENTLY USE CELL 423-608-0580


Clinic Hours

Currently the clinic is going through renovation and restocking. We plan to reopen shortly with our usual hours.

Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM
(we close from 12PM - 1PM for lunch)


After Hours

After hours please contact us by leaving a message on Dr. Schindler's cell phone 423-608-0580.


We currently are accepting all forms of TennCare, Medicare and private insurance. Please call for a screening interview by phone as we want there to be a good fit between us and our patients.

Narcotic policy

Dr. Schindler does not operate a chronic pain service. We limit the amount of narcotics and other controlled drugs prescribed and encourage patients with non-cancer chronic pain to consider choosing another area physician if those drugs are their main reason for changing doctors. Those patients on such medications will agree to random drug testing and review of medication usage.

Drug Samples and Vendors

We believe that the use of sample drugs actually is a wasteful and harmful practice. We do not entertain pharmaceutical representatives and do not accept any gifts or samples from drug companies. If you desire sample medications we encourage you to seek care with a physician who does receive samples.

Christian Worldview

Dr. Schindler is a Christian. This shapes his approach to medicine and influences his life. What he hopes this means for his patients is that he lives the compassion and moral principles of our Lord and Savior. He hopes to encourage you in your spiritual life.

Uninsured Patients

We know that many working people have no insurance. We are happy to see you and do take cash paying patients.

Review of New Patients

Dr Schindler or his staff review all requests by patients to enter the practice. This is done to try to ensure a good doctor-patient fit. All prospective new patients are told about our narcotic and controlled drug policy, our hospital admission preferences and our hours operation to ensure no confusion.