High-tech Care with Old-Fashioned Values

Why Only Some?

I'm sorry about the delay in the blogging. People are complaining and I just don't have access to my software enough each week to do updates. The good in the delay has been stories from friends and patients. Some are stories of joy and miraculous events, others of tragedy upon tragedy that seem too much to bear.

I had one new patient who with their new insurance was finally able to see a doctor. They had an alarming physical finding and x-ray confirmed what appeared to be a life-threatening problem. Many were praying and a few days later when seen by the specialist the finding had almost completely disappeared! One explanation is that the first reading was wrong. The problem with that is every other piece of data from the exam that was abnormal was confirmed on the followup. One explanation is the wrong name was attached to the file....again with such a specific test and alarming answer at the same hospital on the same day on the same side of a body of the same age and sex....well you could do the math. I'm left wondering about the power of prayer for this person and what really happened. More importantly why? What are they supposed to do with the years of healthy life that will result from this change in events? Why them?

Another family had a sudden unexpected death of a loved one, a child sick with a major illness and a cancer in another member all happen in the span of a few days. Many were praying here as well. The outcomes, however, were not all good. Why not? Were they not just as worthy? Were the prayers not as fervent? I do not know. "Jacob I loved, Esau I hated".

I remember in college first being questioned by non-believing friends about the "capricious" nature of God. His apparent kindness to some and indifference to others. They would say they just could not believe in a God that would send any to hell or allow any illness or calamity in the world. Study of the Bible did not help. There in history in black and white were the apparent acts of an almighty God that appeared to pick favorites.

It was only when I fully understood my sin and the utter evil it represented in the face of a Holy God that I could say "All (I) have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God". All deserve the punishment for our rebellion. It was in understanding that fact that the grace of the cross became clear. Far from capricious, God reaches to all with a lifeline of grace. That grace is for our ETERNAL security and in no way promises security or happy times always in the staging area we call life. Not all reach out for that lifeline to eternity but for each one who does the grace is indeed amazing. It helps put the events here on earth in a different perspective. Sure, some may have happy and even miraculous outcomes....praise God. But the real miracle will occur when we stand before the throne of judgement and claim our eternal reward based solely on the the grace provided by our Savior's sacrificial death for us.


Sorry about the delay in postings. I am still sharing a iMac and I love the software. I have not been able to work on it for a couple of weeks now. I hope to have one of my own soon so I can blog "when the spirit hits me". Obviously we are into a new year and all the reflection that usually accompanies that milestone. Humans have a real need to reflect on the past in order the place themselves within history and in order to see how far they have come. We honor new years, anniversaries, birthdays, days of historical or religious significance. In each we attempt to reflect on the past event, remembering the who, what, where and when. We weep or laugh or merely reflect. We might picture the loved one or event in our minds or we may play the video of the event.

But we cannot turn back the past. We cannot know or even plan accurately the future. In the old testament writings, the Jewish people and their prophets would reflect on the history they shared with their God and His mighty works. They would renumber His attributes and that remembering would draw them back to a relationship that existed in the present moment. I believe we are called to remember in order to realign in the present.

In this new year I am hoping to remain in White Pine learning about serving others with my gifts in my practice. I desire to be convicted about my shortcomings as friend, father, doctor and to understand how I might change ingrained patterns that are harmful into those that reflect Christ in me. I pledge to be more in the Word and on my knees. I hope to be more generous with my time, money and friendship. I intend to grow stronger in my own self so that I can be an example to my family.

I can do none of this without God's guidance and strength. I know that He desires that I be more like Christ and that I be closer to Him so these goal of mine should mesh with His goals for me. I pray that at the end of 2008 I will be able to look back and say that I was found faithful in these things. I hope your New Year's thoughts will be achieved in 2008.