High-tech Care with Old-Fashioned Values

iPad therefore I am

Yes, I am an early adopter of technology. Not to the degree I would like to be. I pour over tech sites to look for the latest gadgets. Recently I purchased an iPad. I must explain I never was entirely a PC guy. I always toyed with other models (Commodore Amiga's in the past and Mac's in the present). I was nearly in the Amazon store purchasing a Kindle when the rumors started flying about some type of Apple product. So I waited. Late winter came and the announcement of the iPad was streaming online while I watched Steve Jobs put it through the paces and the announcment. Then April came but I waited to see one in the Apple Store in Knoxville. Finally, I got a 3G version about a month ago. All I can say is I think tablets will change the way we seen computers. They always were intended to be more that tethered keyboards (remember Star Trek anyone?). This thing is amazing with one very large caution.....there is very little medical content of worth.....YET. I see the possibilities here of holding in my hand most of my books I reference weekly, my CME courses, my applications for educating patients and my conduit to the electronic medical record in my office. It is a way to communicate with patient's and specialists, a way to market and research, a way to think about problems and a way to interact with an ever changing world of medical information. I am excited.

When all is crumbling around

It is hard not to see all the chaos out in the world and wonder if there is any sense to it all. The gulf oil disaster may harm the coastal marshes for generations. The North Korean chest thumping threatens to break into a major conflict. The ongoing violence in the name of religion or country seems never to slow. It is difficult to see a quiet end. And that's the point. I believe the world is spinning closer and closer to the type of violent climax we all fear. I have friends who say "I've read the ending of the book and know how it turns out" and I would have to nod to that thought. But what if you were a character in the book. Would you know how it was going? It is a sad thing to see so much evil and hate in the world. Then I think of the movie that has my last name and the scene the director shot following a single little girl walking through the chaos. She was the only one that was shot in color with black and white all around. The idea the a remnant of good of purity of righteousness exists in spite of the chaos around is a metaphor of the hope people of faith hold to so tightly. God is there in the pain. Evil can only be understood if good exists as the marker unchanging. Hold tight to hope.