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No, Not Everyone

Our church had a recent revival and I am still processing what was changed in me. Revival assumes something was previously alive and then has been re-energized. This primarily then, is a term for Christians as opposed to a crusade for evangelism.

The first night's speaker gave me two kernels for thought and hopefully songs that I will attempt to flesh out here. First was the idea that we have the DNA, the finger prints so to speak, of our Father IF we indeed are Christians. He used the text where Christ says that not all who call Him "Lord" when standing at the brink of heaven or hell will be welcomed by Him into paradise. This is a disturbing passage. Those who rely on their own works (the texts says casting out demons, prophecy, healing and the like) are not the criteria upon which God's decision will rest. Rather it will be the act of Christ's death only that will be used to credit righteousness for us.

Those who are His will be unmistakable to Him. We have the DNA of the Holy Spirit residing within us. Our way of talking, acting, living all should be identifiable as from His family. Just as earthly children come to act like and resemble others in their families, we too should have a family resemblance. It is too true that I often must appear to the world as not from the family by the choices I make and the way I act.

The second thought was "No, not everyone". Meaning that not all who think they are Christians will actually be saved. This is the scary part as one starts to question "what about me?" The passage paints a picture of humans pleading their case somewhat indignantly when told "I do not know you". How then are we to be comforted? By the Comforter who dwells within us. The Holy Spirit will confirm to those in whom He resides that their salvation is sure and real. He was sent to teach, to comfort and to make manifest in us the new DNA we possess when we are saved.

That's a lot to chew on for one sermon!