High-tech Care with Old-Fashioned Values

New Beginnings

Well, this has certainly been a very hectic/chaotic few weeks! As most of you know we have ended our financial relationship with East TN Health Centers and the sponsoring hospital Lakeway Regional Hospital in Morristown. It was a good time for me to take a bit more control over the practice again. Healthcare is in great flux and for those of us that are not "business first" many of the changes can be distasteful. I still hold out the hope that I am a health advisor, coach, cheerleader and partner with patients and their families. Most doctors feel the same way but financial pressures mold the way we practice.

During this transition it has not always been smooth and I am sorry for that. Under my contract I could not solicit patients away from the practice and I tried to honor that arrangement. I also contractually was not able to give more warning to patients about the changes and that has caused hardship and confusion for which I am sorry. Let's just say we are starting again and I hope to win your trust. With new paint, furnishings and phone numbers we all have a bit of adjusting to do. I told one friend that a cliff can hold a thrilling ride or a devastating fall on the other side so it will not be boring. Until things are settled I hope you will continue to use this site, my cell phone and the Facebook site
AskDrJim to follow and ask questions. Let us know how we are doing and HANG ON FOR THE RIDE!